Lesson July 7, 2024

CBC Daily Reading Guide

Lesson – Philippians 1


I.  What observations did you make regarding Phillippians 1? (Who, What, Where, When, Why, Wherefore, Terms, Repetition, Cause/Effect)




II. What are some questions you have about the passage  that could not be answered by immediate observations?  Where did you go to look the answers up?




III. What do commentaries say about this text?



IV. What applications can we take from Philippians 1?

(Is there an example to follow, a sin to avoid, a promise to claim, a prayer to repeat, command to obey, condition to meet, verse to memorize, error to mark, or a challenge to face?)



For the whole church?



V.  What is one specific way you can ask God to help you apply this text to your life today?




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