Digging Deeper: The Prophets

Wednesday Night Bible Study

The Prophets:
Elijah and Daniel

During this autumn at Courtland Baptist Church, we will be studying two Old Testament prophets and seeing God’s plan unfold in the history of Israel.

For the women of CBC, we will be looking at the book of Elijah, who he was, and how God used him. The Women’s Class will meet in the Old Chapel Building. 

For the men, we will be looking at the book of Daniel, looking at the visions and prophecies of the prophet in exile. The Men’s class will be in the New Fellowship Hall.

Questions to answer this season

  • How do we walk among those who do not believe?
  • How did prayer have such power in the Old Testament?
  • How can the Church proclaim the judgement of God and proclaim His gracious mercy in Christ?

“At the time of the evening sacrifice, Elijah the prophet approached the altar and said, “O LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, let it be known this day that You are God in Israel and that I am Your servant and have done all these things at Your command.
-1 Kings 18:36

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When and Where?

| Wednesdays @6:30 pm |
Women @ The Old Chapel
Men @ New Fellowship Hall


Currently, live streaming services for Wednesday Night Bible Studies are unavailable. For more information, please contact us.

Information for Family?

We provide a children's class for those under 12, and encourage our youth to sit with their families. For more information or questions see our children's ministry page or email jaredkcarline@gmail.com.

COVID Information and Procedures

For information on the procedures and precautions our Church is taking during this unique season please contact us using our contact page.

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