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Fruit of the Garden

Fruit of the Garden

Elder’s Message – Allen Applewhite


When God created man and woman, He gave them dominion over the Garden of Eden (Gen 2:15-18).  They were to be caretakers and enjoy the fruit of the garden.  As we know, they sinned against God and were expelled from the garden.  They were sent out and Adam was instructed to till the ground, from when he came (Gen 3:23).  It is evident from the scriptures that gardening, farming, and husbandry were the first occupations of the world.

God intended form man to work for his sustenance and enjoy the fruits of his labor (Ps. 128:2).  He provides all the elements to grow all things (plants, trees, animals).  We are to provide the labor.  This principal applies to whatever occupation you are in, but most importantly, it applies to growing and raising a family, according to God’s Word (Deut. 6:5-9, Eph 6:4).

This leads me to a persona testimony, concerning the garden that God has allowed me to use.  I have been so fortunately blessed to have been provided with everything (seasons, soil, seed, rain sunshine, etc.) by my heavenly Father, to grow a garden.  And plus, the instruction and expertise from my earthly father on how to cultivate a productive garden, using the strength, energy and ability God has given me.  The time I spend in the garden is a time of prayer, peace and praise and worship.  The tilling, the planting, the cultivating, and the harvesting is such an amazing time of joy, as I stand amazed at God’s providential blessings.  And the labor involved has strengthened my soul, by experiences God’s perfect order or creation.  I know that this joy I have from eating the fruits of my labor (2 Tim. 2) and sharing the abundance is truly God’s blessings.

I urge everyone who has a large or small or borrowed piece of God’s earth to seriously consider using it to experience the wonderous miracle of a tiny seed to maturity, producing fruit.  If you are already involved in the first occupation in the world, whether on a large or small scale, may your time, labor and fruit produce reflect the Truth of God’s Word.

The Bible used, in many examples, growing plants, crops, and fruit trees in similitude with man’s growth (Jesus – Matt. 13:3-8, John 4:36).  We derive from seed, grow, produce fruit (good or bad) and die and return to the earth.  But we have a choice that will give us everlasting life with Jesus Christ by receiving God’s grace, which is sufficient, flourishing in His Word and producing good fruit to His glory (Luke 7:43-44).  Or we can submit to the darkness of the world and follow Satan and produce bad fruit (Matt 3:10) and be in the blackness of darkness forever (Jude 12, 13).

As individuals and as a church, may we prosper in Jesus Christ and be a garden that produces good fruit to the Honor of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, One Great God Almighty.

Amen and Amen



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