Lesson November 20, 2022



Lesson 9 – Exodus 28-30

“God saw the people of Israel – and God knew.” Exodus 2:25


I.  What observations did you make regarding Exodus 28-30? (Who, What, Where, When, Why, Wherefore, Terms, Repetition, Cause/Effect)


Exodus 28 –


Exodus 29 –


Exodus 30 –


II. What are some questions you have about the passage that cold not be answered by immediate observations?  Where did you go to look the answers up?


Exodus 28 –


Exodus 29 –


Exodus 30 –


III. What applications can we take from Exodus 28-30?

(Is there an example to follow, a sin to avoid, a promise to claim, a prayer to repeat, command to obey, condition to meet, verse to memorize, error to mark, or a challenge to face?)



For the whole church?





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